Mysterious MMO Project 10 Spotted on gPotato's GamesCom Trailer

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Days ago, Gala Networks Europe announced their Gamescom plan with a highlight of 2 MMO titles: Age of Wulin, which has been officially pushed to 2012, and an untitled project. The publisher just released a GamesCom trailer, giving us some in-game footage of the mysterious MMO, Project 10. See the trailer below, and the gameplay of Project 10 starts at about 2'48''.

gPotato Gamescom 2011 Official Trailer

The name Project 10 stands for the 10th title that will come to gPotato's gaming portal. The game looks like a hybrid of fantasy and sci-fi genre. Various mounts from dragon to vehicle and even flying mounts will be available. The world seems to be fairly large as you can expect to explore from the sky to the ocean. My guess is that the game is a Korean MMO, and someone said it's Seven Core, what do you think?

Project 10

Project 10

Another game in the video that you don't see very often is Street Gears. The game may similar to FreeJack, where you compete with others with different skills and items and spend some time to customize your character after the match.

Project 10



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