Grimlands Gamescom Trailer Offers Some Actual In-game Footage

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Gamigo today released a gamescom trailer for its shooter MMORPG Grimlands in which new gameplay and its post-apocalyptic world have been displayed. Desolate landscapes. Crumbling buildings. Deadly fights against roving bands of marauders. The world in Grimlands has been transformed into a nightmarish setting by a series of devastating earthquakes. Those who survived lead a precarious existence and the fight for survival starts anew each day.

The trailer released today captures this post-apocalyptic setting perfectly. For the first time, gamigo is presenting video material from the current game version. The scenes shown are taken directly from the game, which is currently in a pre-alpha stage of development.


Key features of Grimlands:

  • Dynamic game world influenced by the actions of the players
  • Flexible skill system - skills that are used often are improved while skills that are not used are forgotten
  • Comprehensive crafting system with almost endless possibilities
  • Intelligent opponents that will run for cover, flee, hide or lead players into traps
  • Modifiable vehicles
  • Comprehensive PvP features with duels, arenas and battlegrounds




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