Bounty Hounds Online Released New Trailer at GamesCom

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Bounty Hounds Online brings players to the fierce galactic war against machine, the Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Players can choose from 5 classes of different playing styles and pick up robotic combat pets to fight for mankind. At GamesCom, the publisher SubaGames released a GamesCom 2011 trailer for the sci-fi MMO.

Bounty Hounds Online NA GamesCom trailer

Currently, the NA version is under closed beta and it's still accepting new gamers as long as there are unclaimed beta keys. You can check out this page to see where you can grab a key: While there is no ip block in the closed beta phase, everyone can join the game. However, the GM of the game has stated that ip block will 99% be implemented in the future when the game is released.

Source: PC gamer

Bounty Hounds Online

Bounty Hounds Online



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