Blade & Soul: A Fan-made Single-player PVP System Inspired by Hot TV Plays

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Date: 08-16-2011 Views: loading

An article themed by a "single-player PVP system" was recently posted on the official site of the South Korean anticipated project Blade & Soul, which caught numerous players' eyes.

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This article was not written by the official actually, and NCsoft didn't attend to the so-called single-player PVP system at all. In fact, the system originated with a female maniac of Blade & Soul.

The female player said that inspired by "the separation of body and soul" featured in the two sought-after South Korean TV plays - The Secret Garden and 49 Days, she designed such a PVP system bravely.

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As the female player expressed, the PVP system is formally called "Double Goer System" which's inspired by The Secret Garden too. In brief, the system depicts the duels between players and their souls.

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