KUF2 Interview: The In-game War Probably Make It an 18+ MMOG

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Kingdom Under Fire II is scheduled to kick off its CBT at the end of this summer and start its OBT in the first half of 2012, according to the chief developer of Kingdom Under Fire II in an interview.

1. Add necessary MMO content
It is said that Kingdom Under Fire II has focused on adding content in the first two years since its debut. The developer planned to add MMO systems, the fun of characters and units' development, and solo PVE, aside from providing basic gameplay.

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2. A probably 18+ game
As the chief developer expressed, though the game is developed with the aim of being rated 15+, the in-game war is very likely to lead it into an 18+ game.

3. Maps fall into towns, fields and dungeons
In Kingdom Under Fire II, there are towns, fields and dungeons. Players can get together in towns, experience diversified content in the open air and attack monsters alone or with teammates in dungeons.

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4. Lead troops to fight in some regions
Players are able to lead troops to fight in certain regions, most of which are PVP ones and can also be experienced through storyline. However, players can only use heroes in other regions.

5. Similar characters in action games
In terms of character development, Kingdom Under Fire II is the same as existing MMORPGs, but its characters are more like those in action games.

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