Guild Wars 2: Some Must-see Major Changes to Gamescom Demo

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Can't wait to try out the new Guild Wars 2 demo in the upcoming gamescom? Then you need to check out the new ArenaNet blog before you get your hands on. Written by Jon Peters, the new post gives you a sneak peak at some major changes ArenaNet has made into the gamescom demo.

Guild Wars 2

No More Energy Potions

Big changes have come to energy settings. Skills no longer cost energy and without doubt, energy potions are also gone. Instead, there emerges a new dodge button which allows players to use the mouse to dodge and lets players bind dodge to a single keystroke.

Skill Acquisition

Unlike usual MMOs, players need to visit their skill trainer to choose which skills they want to learn, players in Guild Wars 2 will acquire the weapon skills by fighting with that weapon and non-weapon skills are learned in a different way. As in Guild Wars, players should use a collection mechanic to unlock the second half of the bar.

Guild Wars 2

Experience Charr Personal Story

"This is the first time you'll be seeing the story from the charr perspective. Given the charr's antagonist role in the past, we took great care to craft a starter experience that will showcase the role of the charr in modern Tyria, focusing on what charr do best: war." said Theo Nguyen, the Game Designer. In addition, the charr's starter area called Plains of Ashford will also be showcased for the first time.

Guild Wars 2



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