Silkroad Online(EU) Launches a New Server 'Argos'

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Date: 08-14-2011 Views: loading

Joymax announced that they have rolled out a new European server for Silkroad Online. With an increasing number of European players keen to experience the universe of Silkroad Online the new server 'Argos' will provide new benefits and a smooth gameplay experience for the popular MMORPG.

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"We have been delighted to see a big increase in European players in recent months", said Nam-chul Kim, CEO of Joymax, "With the recent introduction of the eighth expansion for Silkroad Online, Mysterious Temple of Jupiter, the launch of the European Argos server will allow players from all over the continent access to the game without the effects of network latency on player performance".

To celebrate the launch of 'Argos', Joymax are organizing a series of special events for four weeks from now until September 2nd where players will have the opportunity to be awarded a 300% increase in experience points, gold and special items. Become the greatest hero of 'Argos' in high speed races and receive bonus experience points and items that will increase your characters' growth.

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