[Part2]Blade & Soul Art Director Kim Hyung Tae Interview

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Prior to the launch of Blade & Soul's second CBT, we're so honored to do an interview with the game's art director Kim Hyung Tae who's a famous South Korean illustrator.

Q: A good many people dream of becoming art directors. Would you disclose to them what an art director does specifically, and do you take charge of graphics only in the course of Blade & Soul's development?

A: An art director is mainly in charge of the blueprint and quality control. That is to say, he/she defines the overall style of game graphics, and makes sure the graphics presented by art designers reach a certain level. As the characters, background, animations, effects and GUIs are involved, the art director has to be skilled at something like game development procedures.

I am an illustrator, but still spend leisure time on the design of monsters & character clothing as well as the painting of illustrations once in a while. Well, I also make videos sometimes. The promotional videos that have been unveiled so far are basically my works.

Q: Each of the four races in Blade & Soul has its own features. So, which race do you like best?

A: We've put a great deal of energy into each race, and it seems that the Gon and Lyn races have taken us the most time.

For instance, if failing to come up with "perfect" racial characteristics, the Gon would have no reason to exist. So, I worked with the 3D character designers all the way and confirmed the overall style. In the meantime, we've made considerable efforts to design the Lyn for the sake of adorable characters.

Q: Do you get your inspiration from something in real life when developing Blade & Soul?

A: All matters around me can inspire me, but I may interpret them in the game in an unexpected manner, e.g. using shoelaces as ornaments of characters' necks. This just forces me to care about every object around me. Meanwhile, I can also get some inspiration from the game's official forum.



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