Jordan's King Abdullah II Is Creating Star Trek Theme Park

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Rubicon Group Holding (RGH), a diversified global entertainment organization producing innovative digital animated content and location-based attractions, will design and produce The Red Sea Astrarium (TRSA), a 184-acre themed entertainment resort located in Aqaba, Jordan, which, through a license from CBS Consumer Products, will prominently feature an amazing attraction inspired by the 2009 international hit motion picture, Star Trek. The "Star Trek" attraction is being creatively developed by Paramount Recreation.


The Jordanian monarch is the chief investor in an upcoming theme park that will revolve around Star Trek. Slated to open in 2014, the park costs a reported $1.5 billion. King Abdullah II of Jordan is a huge "Star Trek" fan. When he was prince, he had a nonspeaking role in "Star Trek: Voyager."

He's not alone in the venture, though. Several American and Gulf investors are also contributing to the park, though none have been formally named.

Unlikely though it may sounds, the coastal town of Aqaba is set to become the center of the Trek universe. The 184-acre theme park -- dubbed the 'Red Sea Astrarium' --  will feature several "multi-sensory futuristic experiences," including a high-tech space-flight adventure simulator.



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