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Trion Worlds' second MMO title End of Nations which is being developed by Petroglyph Games, released a GamesCom trailer today. Along with the new trailer, Trion Worlds announced that the adrenaline-pumping RTS game will be free to play. Of course End of Nations provides subscription option.

End of Nations - GamesCom 2011 Trailer

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Talking about why End of Nations isn't subscription-based only like Rift, Trion Worlds said that "we really wanted to bring as many players as possible into its massive-scale strategic warfare. And the more we looked at the enormous battles and huge persistent world, we realized that the success of End of Nations would be driven by having thousands of players from around the globe battling daily in the world’s biggest strategy game." What's more, End of Nations favors strategy and skill and the game is definitely not the pay-to-win type of F2P MMO and it's impossible for players to buy their way to success.

End of Nations

As many F2P MMOs limit the contents available for free players, End of Nations will offer all gameplay contents to players, including "the campaign, the 50+ person co-op, the 'Conquer the World' metagame, the huge 52-player head-to-head multiplayer, everything." So, what benefit will subscribers get in End of Nations? Trion Worlds doesn't specify it but tells that "subscribers will get a significant amount of value and convenience extras for their monthly fee and the optional subscription is all about value, but not about gameplay advantage."

End of Nations

The item shop sells customization and convenience items which can be purchased by End of Nations Wealth (currency earned in-game by playing) or with Trion Credits (purchased currency). Check out the F2P FAQ for more about the business mode.

To apply fo beta test, you can register at the official site.

End of Nations



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