[Part1]Blade & Soul AD Kim Hyung Tae Interview Before 2nd CBT

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Prior to the launch of Blade & Soul's second CBT, we're so honored to do an interview with the game's art director Kim Hyung Tae who's a famous South Korean illustrator.

Q: All those that take a fancy for your works are curious to know why you chose to be a painter and finally became an art director.

A: I drew pictures when very young, but formally started my painting life when studying in my junior middle school. After meeting Jeong Juno when I was in Grade 2 in my junior middle school, I proceeded to learn from Jeong and paint, and launched myself into the painting circle.

I found that concept art would lose its original flavor after being integrated in games, so I decided to learn more about the 3D technology & game development, and finally became an art director.

Q: In terms of character design, it seems that your works basically display the same style. So, will you adhere to the current style in the future?

A: My illustrations indeed don't have much difference in the style, but I do think they can come up with different visual effects when rendered in the 3D instead of 2D mode. Though it's good to give players fresh feelings by modifying the art style, I prefer to take advantage of different themes and rendering modes etc.



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