ChangYou: DaVinci Online Comes to North America and Western Europe Soon

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Date: 08-10-2011 Views: loading

Korea-based Bridea announced that they have signed a licensing agreement with ChangYou for launching DaVinci Online in North America and Western Europe market. There will be 4 different languages version, including English, French, Spanish and German. The alpha test for DaVinci Online in North America and Western Europe will come in Q4 of 2011.

DaVinci Online/Project Renaissance - Debut Trailer

Known as Project Renaissance, DaVinci Online was developed by Bridea with key staff coming from Webzen who worked on the Huxley. Bridia already made a contract with Pole Star Digital Technology for Taiwan, HongKong and Macao service last year. It speeded up its global marketing plan and expanded to the global market this year. They are also in the middle of conversation with a few publishers in China and Korea as well.

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Full SizeDaVinci Online screenshot



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