SRO: Legend VIII: Mysterious Temple of Jupiter Update Details

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Date: 08-03-2011 Views: loading

Joymax announced the release of the latest addition to the Silkroad Online, "Legend VIII: Mysterious Temple of Jupiter" update for Silkroad Online. Available on August 2nd, with a slew of new improvements, the update was developed in response to player feedback.

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The Legend VIII update brings new quests that players have been seeking including a new hunting ground, enhanced monster AI. Additionally, Silkroad players can look forward more accessible Epic bosses and an improved mob AI in hopes of encouraging more people to engage in epic raids and battles as a whole.

Additional features include:

  • Max level gets increased to 120
  • New Dungeons for beginners, middle and high level players
  • A New Hunting Ground - The Temple of Jupiter
  • 106 new monsters (mobs) - 3 Statue Monsters & 3 Demon Monsters
  • Enhanced monster AI
  • New 63 different quests

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Starting on August 2nd Silkroad will be available, ensuring that even more players can enjoy the sweeping changes brought with the "Legend VIII: Mysterious Temple of Jupiter" update.

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