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Hello guys, this is yuto-kun bringing a new review on another awesome Korean game - Cyphers Online.

Cyphers Online is developed by Joker using Unreal Engine and published by Neople. This game has just one objetive, i.e. to destroy the enemy base! It's not a very complete game; it lacks stages/different modes of gameplay, but it's still awesome. Cyphers Online can be said as a perfect game for those who hate grinding/farming. It is a third-person action game without many combos, and bears a unique style of gameplay.


Characters of Cyphers Online:

Trivia: Trivia is a sexy vampire girl that attacks enemies from a long distance.

Louis: As one of the coolest characters in Cyphers Online, Louis makes use of ice to fight with enemies.

Drexley: Drexley is a swordmaster with a long sword that launches rays.

Doyle: Doyle attacks with his arms, causing devasting attacks to the opponents, but he is pretty slow.

Cain: He is expert at medium-range/melee attackes by use of guns; he's able to give incredible damage and crits.

Alicia: Alicia is a magician that attacks with beams from far distances.

Niobe: Niobe is a girl that controls fire, which's totally different from Louis; she is pretty good at attacking from medium distances and dealing increible damage with her SS(Super Special attacks).

Eagle: Eagle is a samurai that can cut the air with his attacks and shred the enemies.

Wesley: He uses a shotgun to battle with enemies; he is like a scout in C9 (for those who don't know, a scout in C9 is a pretty unbalanced class that often takes advantages of traps ); he can set traps that are very nasty for others.

Deimus: Deimus is very like Eagle. There's just one difference, i.e. Deimus uses the power of the darkness to attack.

Huton: Another version of Doyle; he's just got attacks different from those of Doyle.

Loras: Loras is a lancer that has awesome abilities in the combats with towers, guardian monsters, etc.

Clare: She is a pretty cheerleader that fires beams from her fingers, just like YuYu Hakusho.

Thomas: The faster version of Louis.

Marlenne and Charlotte: Two girls that use water to attack

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