Digimon Masters Online Official Site Lives, Closed Beta Dated

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Joymax today opened the official site and revealed the closed beta date for 3D MMO Digimon Masters Online. Digimon fans can now apply for closed beta at the brand new DMO site and wait for the start of CBT on August 9. If you are playing Digimon Battle now, you will be the first group of players who can join the beta, according to the official FAQ.

Digimon Masters

The game was scheduled to release in late 2010 but it's delayed to summer 2011 due to unknown reason. Now as the closed beta is coming, more information of the game is revealed. Players will start by choosing one of the 3 characters (more characters will be available in the future) which are called tamers in the game, and pick up a digimon as their companion. The 3 characters are Daimon Masarum, Toma H Nosyutain, and Fujieda Yoshino. There are a lot of digimons in the game, but players can only choose from 3 digimons at the beginning, they are Gaomon, Lalamon and Agumon.

Digimon Masters

In the battle, the tamer doesn't directly participate but he/she can use Digi soul(DS) to boost their digimons's abilities and use certain skills in the battle. Both the tamer and digimon have their own attributes, so there are a lot of things that could affect a player's gameplay experience. In addition, each digimon belongs to a certain element which will grant the digimon both advantage and disadvantage. The relationships of the elements are: (1) Fire < Water < Ice < Fire, (2) Wind < Earth < Wood < Wind, (3) Iron < Thunder < Darkness < Light < Iron.

To learn more about the game, visit DMO official site.

Digimon Masters



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