Want to See Some New MMOs? GamesCom has a lot of them!!

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GamesCom will open its door later this month in Cologne, Germany. GamesCom may not have as many top video games and hardwares as E3 but it's still a great joy to players because Guild Wars 2, Rift, Tera and many other MMOs will be there. But those games that you are very familiar with aren't what we are going to talk about - the new MMOs which will make their debut in the west is today's topic.

NCsoft will announce a brand-new game at GamesCom. The Awakening is currently being developed by Carbine, a California-based studio, and it's said that the game has been under development for 4 years. Carbine includes many industry veterans from WoW, StarCraft, City of Heroes, etc.. However, nothing about the story and gameplay is revealed except for some artworks.

The Awakening Teaser Trailer

Full SizeThe Carbine Studios

Eligium – The Chosen One is a new MMO in Frogster's line-up. The game is developed by Chinese developer Shanda, and it brings players face-to-face with hordes of demons returning to the surface from their centuries long exile underground, which are intent on spreading fear and terror among the surface-dwellers. Eligium's gameplay systems are still unknown and it's scheduled to launch in Q1 2012.

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