Exclusive Firefall Interview at ChinaJoy 2011

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At this year's ChinaJoy, and MMOsite were so glad to have the honor of doing a joint interview with Firefall's Community Manager A (Phobos). Below are details about the interview!

Q: Is this your first trip to China?

A: No, the second one actually! I've been to Beijing and Shanghai.

Q: What's your opinion of this year's ChinaJoy? How does it differ from western game expos?

A: It is the largest game expo I've ever seen, and many interesting things can happen here at any time. E3 is the greatest game expo in North America, and I attended E3 2011 in Los Angeles. However, I found that ChinaJoy was much larger than E3 and attracted much more visitors.

Q: You unveiled a new class called engineer for Firefall yesterday. So, what's the difference between Firefall's engineers and other FPS games' similar classes?

A: Firefall's engineers will take advantage of brand-new skills & weapons and so on. We'll release more info about this new class at Gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany and PAX 2011 in USA.

Q: Is engineer the final class you unveiled for Firefall?

A: Absolutely no! We have a long-term plan for the game, and intend to come up with more classes in the future.




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