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1. Hello, so glad to do an interview with you! First, would you please give us a brief introduction to your esteemed company BL Technologic Co., Ltd.?

Founded in 2006, BL Technologic has developed an array of products independently including East Fantasy, Shadow War Online and War of Glory Online, and has recruited crowds of game operation & promotion talents at home and abroad for the overseas platform COG. It has also gained the overseas publishing rights for tens of games like Titan Games' Feng Yin Zhi Jian and SmartCell's Jing Hua Yuan

2. Your previous project East Fantasy displays an oriental fantasy style. As a Chinese game developer, you seem to take better control over such games. So, what made you decide to work on War of Glory Online that displays a western fantasy style?

We initially intended to endow War of Glory Online with a western style. The first reason is that our developers were confident that the Chinese could also make fine western-style fantasy games, and the second is that with advantageous strengthen in the overseas markets, we had high expectations of War of Glory Online's overseas influence.

3. Would you shed light on the engine adopted by War of Glory Online?

We set up a team dedicated to the 3D game engine development 4 years ago, and the team finally came up with the WindStar engine used by War of Glory Online.

The WindStar engine boasts several internationally advanced features, like its efficient content editor & 3D rendering function, perfect expressiveness, and strong support for online game servers & databases.

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