5 Common Issues Related to Our Gaming Experience

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How many times have we wished to play all the new MMORPGs without thinking we will get bored after playing them? Perhaps, we thought about this many times before, but when we tried to seek a new MMORPG, we only found look-alike games. Despite the fact that these games were exactly the same, they still looked great and appealing. And, the idea of trying them out was in our heads, after reading some reviews or watching some of their Gameplay videos, and finally we play them and figure out if they are as good as many gaming websites said. Unfortunately, after we downloaded the whole game, and just when we are about to start our adventures, a big system error message pops up. Evidently, this is one of the biggest obstacles that might happen to us, while trying to play our games. Accordingly, our game experience might get uglier than we expected, if there aren't any solutions available. After all, who didn't go through these kinds of situations while being excited about a certain game for first time? Probably most of us, and, in this article we will talk about some problems that we might be able to face when we try to get into the MMORPG world.


1. Game installation Problems

It's well-known that once the game starts, we are supposed to check its requirements; to be sure, our laptops or PCs will be able to run it. However, there are many people who skip this step, and that's the main reason why many forums are filled with complaining threads about technical problems. Being that, we think that our machines will handle our new MMORPG. In fact, we will do anything possible to be able to play it, even if this means making a thread in the game's technical forum and giving fake specs of our systems. All the same, we realize it is a dumb thing to do, but lot of people attempt to do it because they want to find that miracle that will lead them to find a way of running the game in their machines.

Game installation Problems

If we don't seem to meet the game's technical requirements, we'd better look for another MMORPG, instead of trying to run it even when we know that it won't work.

The game installation might turn into a disaster, if we don't meet the requirements for playing it. However, it's a fact that many of us usually download a certain game and don't even check if our computers will be able to handle it or not. Obviously, skipping this, will lead us to ask for help in a technical forum. And, after we can't seem to get a satisfying answer, we will get frustrated for sure. Naturally, it will be better that before we try to play any game, we must check if we will be able to properly run it.

2. A Rude Community

A Virtual Community is an important feature which also leads us to play MMORPGs . As for, in many cases we will need help from other players to complete a quest, get into a dungeon, join a guild or even buy special items, etc. However, the existence of a rude community is pretty common among all the popular online games. Consequently, we shouldn't be surprised if we ask something simple in the game chat, and all we get are flames or insults at the same time. Obviously, this is part of being a gamer, since if we love a MMORPG, we won't really care much about how good or bad its community is. This feature has importance for some of us at choosing what game we are going to play. In this way, a rude community might be considered as something terrible for those who are looking for a social gaming experience, but it's mostly true that every MMORPG has its own immature, rude and gentle people, which means that we will eventually find every kind of people who we can be friends with.

A Rude Community

Some people have fun at giving rude answers to Newcomers. Nevertheless, most of these them, are also new players who recently start out.

3. A Slow Internet Connection

This is for sure, a known issue suffered by millions of people. Anyhow, if we are used to the MMORPG world, and we are currently playing one of our favorite MMORPGs , let's say we are about to achieve an important goal. Unfortunately, our internet starts failing and we lose connection, so everything we were about to get, had been lost. Precisely, if something like this happens to us, we will surely blame our internet service. Since, this is a common problem that we will have to deal with, if we want to play MMORPGs.

Slow Internet Connection

Slow Internet Connection

A slow Internet connection could be a headache for us. This is why, we will always deal with this problem, even if we have the best Internet connection in the world.



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