ThingSoft Unveils Latest MMO Project NT, Due Out 2013

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Players Able to Engage in the Development

MMORPG developers are very clear that it usually takes them over 4 years to develop a game, but the game stays fresh for 3 months at most after being pushed into the market. The use of high-specification game engines may boost up games' popularity, but will lead to amazingly high development fees too. To break free of such a situation and strengthen the game's permanent amusingness, ThingSoft decided to develop their own game engine and make players able to engage in the development. As the company's CEO expressed, the development team can only provide some basic content, and however hard they try, such content won't fully satisfy players' demands; they thus made up their minds to let players work on the game development personally and give players rewards.

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For instance, players can use the game's existing resources to create love-themed animations through some simple operations.

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Project NT has been developed by a 16-member team for 15 months. At present, the staff are busy developing the engine, based on which players can attend to the game's development freely. ThingSoft plans to increase the number of Project NT's developers to 60 or so in the future, and aims to release the game in the summer of 2013. A colorful RPG world that all can enjoy is to come out!

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Full SizeProject NT

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