Snail Game Exhibits The Penguins War at Chinajoy 2011

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Snail Game's very first online action TPS The Penguins War was formally made public at ChinaJoy 2011, with its official site brought online too. It's learnt that apart from The Penguins War, Snail Game will exhibit some other new games like Age of Wulin, Black Gold Online on the spot.

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Penguins War

As an online action TPS characterized by massive battles, The Penguins War takes penguins as its core characters, and enables players to act as well-known historical personages and join intense battles by use of weapons that stand for different ages. It's introduced that The Penguins War features an item system and a skill combination system, which are two major systems that support players' stimulating gamine experiences.

Penguins War   Penguins War

Penguins War



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