Secret Lifelike Firefall Statue Unveiled Before ChinaJoy 2011

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The largest games event in Asia - ChinaJoy 2011 will showcase the latest developments in online, social and mobile games in China and abroad from July 28 to July 31. In the busy moments of the final preparation stage, people are looking forward and paying close attention to the performance of exhibitors in the coming days. While at this moment, one of the most anticipated MMO FPS game of this year's ChinaJoy - Firefall's booth and secret $1 million USD worth of statues, which should have been banned taking pictures, was unveiled.Now let's get a look in advance the finished booth and lifelike Firefall Statue.

Rusty Heart

Firefall Booth

Rusty Heart

Firefall Statue

Rusty Heart

Rusty Heart



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By Evelyn
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