ChinaJoy 2011 Opens on July 28, 4 Highlights Unveils

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Being the largest game expo in China, ChinaJoy will make its ninth appearance in Shanghai from July 28 to July 31following the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in USA and TGS (Tokyo Game Show) in Japan. This year's ChinaJoy reaches an area of 60,000+ square meters and has attracted 300+ internet entertainment companies from more than 50 countries and regions around the world, in company with hundreds of online games. So, what highlights can we expect from ChinaJoy 2011?

Recommendation ChinaJoy 2011 Special Features

ChinaJoy 2011

Firefall to Show up with a Huge Themed Statue

Red5 based in California, USA, will attend ChinaJoy 2011 with its latest next-gen online action game Firefall. As expressed by Red5, they'll present Chinese players with a trial version of Firefall at this year's ChinaJoy and unveil a brand-new class for the game. Moreover, the company will even come up with a huge themed statue on the spot.


Weighing 3 tons, the themed statue was delicately produced by the well-known Hollywood modeling visual designer and game statue designer Steve Wang at the cost of 1 million US dollars. Steve Wang said that this statue was the hugest statue he had ever made.

Firefall statue

Blade & Soul to Debut in China

Since unveiled, the famous South Korean online game developer NCsoft's Blade & Soul has been much watched by players from all over the world, thanks to mighty Unreal Engine 3 and diversified game systems. Not long ago, Tencent Games invested an amazingly large sum of money to gain the publishing rights for Blade & Soul in Mainland China.

Blade & Soul

At ChinaJoy 2011, Tencent Games will raise the mysterious veil of Chinese Blade & Soul for the first time, and give out a limited number of original poster packs autographed by the famous South Korean artist Kim Hyung Tae and Blade & Soul's producer Bae Jae Hyun.

Blade & Soul



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