Blade & Soul Private Server = Emulator, a Prearranged Show?

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As reported recently, Blade & Soul which conducted the CBT only once was found to have a private server. Some insiders pointed out that this private server was actually an emulator.

Blade & Soul

According to understanding, the official once disclosed that Korean Blade & Soul was to perform its second CBT in August, which’s at a distance of 2 months from the conclusion of the first CBT, and Tencent used to say that Chinese Blade & Soul would make its official appearance at ChinaJoy 2011 to be held in Shanghai this July in company with a limited number of original poster packs. So, why did the emulator emerge just prior to ChinaJoy 2011 and Blade & Soul’s second CBT. Is this actually a show jointly prearranged by NCsoft and Tencent? To date, the two companies haven’t made any comments on this issue!

Blade & Soul



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