Walmart Will Finally Release Game Sales Data

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Date: 07-26-2011 Views: loading

The Walmart company has decided to publish information regarding its game sales, after so long of not giving details about it. Research firms like Nielsen Co. and NPD will now have access to all the video game sales own by Walmart.


It's been like 10 years since NPD has been restricted to provide data or information for retail game sales at Walmart and all its owned stores in the country. Being impossible to know all the details in regard of the Walmart Video Game Sales, It's expected that with the release of this new information, clients will have a detailed look at how video games sales perform at retail in the US. has announced that it will publish all the data concerning the Walmart stores to its customers in some months. NPD still didn't state anything related to this new information, or how will it start to incorporate Walmart sales Data. However, Nielsen already confirmed that it won’t be the only company getting information regarding these Sales Data.


One month ago, Walmart stated that it would form a partner-ship with the cloud gaming service Gaikai to provide special Demos of Electronic Arts and any other kind of Pc related games, which would be purchase-able through the retailer's website.

There are always controversies regarding why Walmart always denied publishing information about its video game sales. Now, that the decision has been taken, Customers are going to know more about the whole gaming market sales.



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