Star Wars: The Old Republic Breaks EA Pre-order Record

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According the to EA's Q1 FY12 Financial Results, Star Wars: The Old Republic set a new record. It is the fastest pre-ordered title in the company's history through the first five days. The previous was set by Battlefield 3, while SWTOR far exceed BF3's pre-order sales. This is beating game developing company's expectations.

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"We're well over 200,000 pre-orders in the first five or six days. From an EA perspective, that is significantly greater than any other EA title we've ever had in the first week," said the company's finance chief, Eric Brown, in an interview.

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President Frank Gibeau said, "In September, we will be in a position to call the ball and give you a hard ship date". Since EA insists announcing exact SWTOR release date after Sept Beta Weekends, players have to wait patiently and see every TOR fans at launch.



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