Anticipated MMOs at ChinaJoy 2011 (Part 1)

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This year's ChinaJoy, the most authoritative game expo in China, is going to make its grand appearance in Shanghai in the scorching summer, i.e. between July 28 and 31. When the time comes, charming showgirls will emerge, and more importantly, various new games will rush to spice up the great feast. Numerous new games will be exhibited at ChinaJoy 2011 and will firmly catch visitors' eyes, no matter they are jointly developed, seldom heard, or groundbreaking. So, which game will win players' hearts? Now, let's check out the several online games that deserve paying attention to!

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ChinaJoy 2011

Blade & Soul

Being the latest product of the South Korean online game tycoon NCsoft, Blade & Soul enjoys absolutely high popularity and stands as the most anticipated new Korean game thanks to the use of powerful Unreal Engine 3 and the integration of diversified systems. Not long ago, Tencent Games invested an amazingly large sum of money to gain the publishing rights of Blade & Soul in China, and Blade & Soul will be present at ChinaJoy 2011 as Tencent Games' wholly new powerful product.

Blade & Soul - CBT Highlight Video Collection

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Blade & Soul, a 3D MMORPG developed by NCsoft and first made public in 2008, involves a development team consisting of Lineage 2's development director Bae Jae Hyun and the top South Korean concept artist Kim Hyung Tae, and is noted for its magnificent graphics & super outstanding actions. The game has been considered as a representative Korea-made next-gen online game almost since its debut, and is enthusiastically anticipated by Chinese players. Currently, Blade & Soul has finished its first closed beta test in South Korea on May 2nd and it is learned that second closed beta is expected to launch in August.

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul



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