Firefall has Geared up for ChinaJoy 2011

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Firefall is one of the most anticipated games in ChinaJoy 2011. Red5 Studio also wants to make a big show for the online FPS game, and they've confirmed that there will be a splendid booth, playable demos, and $1 million USD worth of Firefall statues.


The booth features many Firefall elements and its center is the trial area. According to Red5's CEO Mark Kern, they will present Chinese audience an authentic American style gaming booth.


The Firefall statues including 2 main characters in the CG movie and the Thumper, are designed and created by Steve Wang and his team. Steve Wang is a famous designer who has worked on many Hollywood films such as The Terminator, Alien, X-Men, etc. You can find his work of WOW and StarCraft here.

Steve Wang on the making of Firefall statues

If we are lucky enough we may hear some information about the beta and the unannounced class. ChinaJoy 2011 will start on July 28.




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