KUF2 Review: Hybrid of Strategy and Hardcore Action Combat

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Hi guys, this is yuto-kun from mmosite, bringing in this oportunity an awesome review of a hardcore mmorpg game called KUF2 (Kingdom Under Fire 2). It seems like no much people mention its one of the games of the year, But i will show you guys how wrong they are!

Kingdom Under Fire 2 screenshot

Kuf 2 is developed by BlueSide, using the FAME Tech 2 engine and being published by Hangame and Microsoft Game Studios.

Basically its a strategy MMORPG, but this one mix the strategy and the hardcore action combat, that makes of KUF 2 a very innovating game.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 screenshot

The player selects a character and controls the combat from a third person perspective, allowing the player to take control of their character and participate in the fighting themselves. To assist the player in the field, a varied amount of unit types can also be brought into battle, all suited for different situations and tactics. There will also be massive castle sieges which can be played offline and online which is a first for the series.



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