Top 5 MMORPGs With Unreachable Level Caps

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The level curve of many MMORPGs are in some way, range from easy to hard. However, if we consider the negative aspect of the experience level curve, we will soon find out that this matter is linked with one big cause. Keep our attention; since if we were playing in an inconsistent and boring world filled with easy quests and a high experience curve, then it wouldn't be the worth to play a certain game. Moreover, there are games which surpass the common sense of what is a reachable level and what not, so players would spend a huge amount of time trying to get to the game end content. Even, if this means that most of these games don't even have one, besides repetitive and annoying killing mobs quests to get experience in the last cap levels. The list of this kind of games is growing pretty past, and it's going to be a surprise to know that many of them are mostly popular. Precisely, these MMORPGs are listed in this Top 5, since their loyal fan base spent years trying to get to the end game content and for some reason, they still didn't reach it. Anyway, Just to be clear, the following games listed in this article were selected by me, so this all was based on my own experience.


5. Allods Online

Allods Online, is a quest based MMORPG featuring a space-astral story line. The game was hyped for so long, that it was popular for several months. However, the game's low experience curve and other issues ruined the fun; making tons of players quit the game after they hit the early levels. Evidently, many of us will think that the game wouldn't be the same, if the level cap wasn't raised in the up-coming updates, but trying to get just one level in a day, isn't what most people look forward in a game. Consequently, this game can be considered as a slow grinding MMORPG, since leveling is hard and might piss us off in many cases, if we are impatient when it comes to improve our character skills and powers. Nevertheless, there are people who already reached the level cap but spent tons of money in the cash shop to finally get into the end game content.

Allods Online

Experience curve: Low

Available Levels: 47 levels.

Number of players who reached the level cap: Unknown

Allods Online

4. Silkroad Online

Silkroad online is set in the 7th century AD in which Asians and Europeans are selectable factions, both with their own classes and skills. The thing is, there isn't much to do in this game besides grinding. Moreover, there won't be anything else we can do in this game that isn't grinding related. Basically, the grinding experience in this game is as bad as Allods Online, without any quest that could help us out to increase our experience. Plus, there are lots of hackers around, and everywhere in the game, but that isn't the worst, since reaching the level cap is practically impossible. As for, Silkroad has a hard and slow grinding experience curve, which means that getting into the last game level would take a long time. In fact, only people who are loyal fans , will be able to get to the end game content ( if there's one). In this way, this game isn't recommended for people that love questing, since there aren't any quests besides the first ones that give us the game's basics.


Experience Curve: Low

Available Levels: 105 levels.

Numbers of players who reached the level cap: None




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