Silkroad Revealed New Expansion, Mysterious Temple of Jupiter

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Joymax today revealed the first details for Silkroad's eighth expansion, Mysterious Temple of Jupiter. Legend VIII will bring both character and skill mastery level increases, along with many small but important improvements to the game's performance.

"From both new and improved skills to additional quests, we've worked hard to challenge players to perform at a new level!" said Nam-chul Kim, CEO of Joymax. "We're excited to be able to bring content to both players who will be racing to the new level cap, as well as beginner and mid-range characters."


Players will be able to reach a lofty level 120, up from the current 110. New skill levels include both Chinese and European arts. Over 60 new quests will be added as part of the exploration of the mysterious temples dedicated to Jupiter, which requires players to be at least level 111 to enter! There's also plenty of content for low to mid-level characters, with a streamlined and improved enemy monster AI which provides a more active, tactical experience to lower level players.


All of this content is in addition to a flood of challenging monsters - over 100 new creatures will now inhabit the game world, including the new dungeons, waiting to pounce on the nearest character. In August, there will also be new events for Silkroad's citizens to dive into, if they're not too busy exploring the numerous added dungeons that become available at level 113 and above. There's so many new things to do it will be a challenge to know simply where to start!

Legends VIII: Mysterious Temple of Jupiter has already received extensive player testing and though the release date has not yet been revealed, Joymax plans to release the exciting new content to players later this summer.




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