Transformers Universe to Display at SD Comic-Con

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It seems that this year's San Diego Comic-Con (from July 21 to July 24) will be extraordinarily bustling as the amazing Transformers MMO would make its presence then. Today, Jagex has announced that they will attend Comic-Con to show off Transformers Universe, the upcoming MMO based on the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro.

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Jagex is expected to disclose some news on the gameplay, some artwork, a little more information about the characters as well as a brand new trailer. As described by the developer, "an old favorite is named and returns."

Transformers Universe is slated to launch in 2012. Currently, we have not seen much of this game except a teaser website. You can head over to the website, entering your Email and keep updated on the game. As Comic-Con to start in two days with tomorrow's "Preview Night", more exclusive details will coming out. We will also keep an eye on it to see what a Transformers MMO will look like.

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