Blade & Soul: New Official Developer Diary to Unveil Background Story

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Recently, an article was posted on Korean Blade & Soul's official site, telling the background story about "Soul's Scream at Midnight". Check below:

Source from: Blade & Soul official site

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Hello, everyone! When everything looks harmonious, it's said that the "Virgin Soul" screamed horrifyingly every night on the Moon Shadow Cemetery in Blade & Soul. We are now in the gaming world, and will do our best to find out the truth.

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Reporter: We are now on Blade & Soul's Moon Shadow Cemetery. First, let Do Paik Kyun tell us something!

Do Paik Kyun: Scary sounds can be heard every night. They are believed to come from the "Virgin Soul".

Troubled Do Paik Kyun

Do Paik Kyun: Very long ago, a beautiful girl named "Ho Sook" lived here happily with her fiancé called "Won Mi Nam". But one day, a group raided this place and killed the couple, leaving only one terrible corpse. It was such a tragic sight. After that, Ho Sook climbed out of the tomb every night and screamed sadly.

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Reporter: Thank you! To have the truth come to light, we decide to go to the Cemetery and talk with Ho Sook.

Reporter: We are now standing in front of Ho Sook's tomb. Let's do an interview with her. Hello, Ho Sook!

Blade & Soul screenshot

Ho Sook: I hate the head of the South Sea Fleet - Dang Za Kang. I hate him!

Reporter: All right, I wonder why you were killed.



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