Vindictus Launches Open Beta in China without IP Block

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3 days ago, Vindictus launched open beta in China and thousands of Chinese gamers started their adventure. However Chinese may not be alone in their servers as mmoculture found that Vindictus(CN) doesn't block foreign IP and the blog's writer has played the game himself.


The Chinese version of Vindictus is called Mabinogi: Heroes and it's quite a strange version. According to some gamers' reports, the combat system has been updated to Mabinogi Heroes Extreme Edition where players can jump and make combo strikes (see the gameplay video below), but the monster AI and attack damage remains unchanged. At open beta, two characters: Lethita and Fiona are available.

Mabinogi Heroes XE Promotion Video

This is very similar to the case of Dragon Nest, another MMO published by Nexon with ip block. Many European gamers played in CN servers before Dragon Nest SEA was announced. Now the Vindictus(EU) is still under suspension although it's believed to be released in this year, and there is no SEA server, will CN server be a temporary home for Vindictus fans from EU and SEA?

About Vindictus(CN)

Vindictus(CN) is published by Chinese company TianCity and adopts free-to-play mode with microtransaction (official site: The gameplay content is edited but generally, the blood and the armor-breaking feature is almost intact. There are token in Vindictus(CN) but it may be a little bit different to Vindictus(NA)'s.

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