TERA: Comparision Between Korean PvP and the USA PvP

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Hi guys, this is yuto-kun from mmosite. And today am gonna make a small review of the TERA pvp, comparing the Korean PVP and the USA PVP. I may advice that the USA PVP RULES are not confirmated yet at all, there were some rumors about a 5 seconds rule, but at the moment it seems like they are going to stay with the korean pvp rules they have before. Okay so, here we go:

Full SizeTERA screenshot

One of the things i mostly like to see on games is the possibility to PVP in teams, of course life is boring without friends, and it seems like TERA have worked much on this systems. So here it comes a 10 : 10 PVP!! I dont really have seen that much people fighting on a next-gen MMORPG. also one of the most impressive things is the organization of the mmorpg: You can't pk people in your group or guild but you can kill everyone else. The game has an option to organize party/guild group duels though. Of course you will never hit your team mates, so be free to spam AOES on massive pvps.

Full SizeTERA screenshot

10 VS 10 pvp:



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