Battlestar Galactica: The Battle of the Galaxy War has just Begun

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Sci-fi browser based Mmorpgs are in the spot light once again. And this time, we are talking about a special browser game that tries to emulate what Eve Online has turned into. And that is Battle-Galactica Online, a recently launched mmorpg brought by Bigpoint. Evidently, the game isn't exactly like Eve online, which is one of the best sci-fi mmorpgs in the gaming market. Nevertheless, the game does a good job as an alternative to it. So, let's have a big in-deep look, to this galaxy themed mmorpg, so we will be able to know more about it.

The Battlestar Story: A never-ending race war

The game revolves around galaxy spaceship fights and an interminable race war between the humans and the Cylons. The humans are a supreme race, who created the Cylons which are robots with amazing powers. After all, the Cylons decided to rebel, specially to stop being dependent from the human race. 40 years later the war started between these two races. The space resources and the whole planetary system were in dispute. Basically, the Cylons were developed, and decided to take revenge against the humans. But, humans always tried to counterattack, since the Cylons forces were increasing their powers even more. And, that's when the Humans reunite with the Battlestar Pegasus which is a spaceship survivor of a past cyclone attack. The destiny of these two races is in our hands. Whether we decide being Cylons or Humans, the universe salvation and the survival of our designed race is entirely up to us.

Tutorial Phase: The Basics and Gameplay

Once we make a valid account in the official BattleStar Galactica website, and install a simple application to get into the game, the option of the race selection will appear. Then, we are taken into a galaxy atmosphere in which our spaceship is ready to start the battle. The whole tutorial will introduce us into the game first steps, like how can we move our spaceships and aim a specific objective. So, after we learn all the basic controls, one of the Npcs will require us to complete a simple task.

Battlestar Galactica
It's recommended to go through the tutorial basics, so we won't be lost when we get into the game.

In fact, we are given a mission which consists of destroying the enemy spaceships. Our experience bar will increase every time we kill anything related to our quests. Plus, we will also get many rewards for either completing them or killing the enemy spaceships. Then, once we are done with the tutorial stage, we will finally be able to customize our characters and select one of the two available spaceships, each one with their own specific features, so we should choose one of them carefully. On the other hand, the game controls are easy to use, once we get used to them. As for the spaceship can be driven with WASD keys or mouse clicks. And missiles can be fired with in-game keys or keyboard buttons. Furthermore, controls are not hard to learn, but if we are not familiar with Spaceship Mmorpgs, it will take time for us to get used to them. This is why, it's recommended to play the tutorial in order to learn more about the game.



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