Animated MMORPGs Revive in the Game Market

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The era of animated MMORPGs has returned! As Gravity's Ragnarok Online 2 and JCE's Lime Odyssey started their CBTs recently, animated MMORPGs came back to seize the market and fight for dreams. Either Gravity or JCE expressed that mainly characterized by collection and crafting, their game would aim at teenagers and females.


"Combat + Life" Gameplay

Based on life, either Ragnarok Online 2 or Lime Odyssey has a life system much larger and more powerful than its combat system which takes PvP as the most important part.

Ragnarok Online 2 is endowed with a "Dual-life" concept, which means a person's two different lifestyles: 1) players can get basic materials necessary for item crafting through hunting in combats, and then sell or craft items in the personal store after reaching Lvl 10; 2) players can make their cards more powerful by means of different card enhancement methods.

RO2 VS Lime Odyssey

Mainly characterized by material collection and item crafting, Lime Odyssey allows players to collect required materials to produce special items. In the course of character advancement, life classes are very important. Different from Ragnarok Online 2, which empowers players to collect raw materials and resources for item crafting in combats but puts more emphasis on item selling, Lime Odyssey lays more stress on item crafting.

Lime Odyssey Official Trailer(NA)

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According to Three Woods, Lime Odyssey strives to immerse players with the help of fast-paced combats, systemized life classes and the upgraded crafting system.

Lime Odyssey

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