Age of Wulin Closed Beta is Buy-to-play in China, CB Key Priced at $38 USD

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Usually, when you want to join a closed beta test you will either hand in your application to try your luck, or take part in the official events to win a key. But Chinese players recently found that they need money more than luck if they want to be in the closed beta of Age of Wulin. The developer Snail Game has packed up 60 thousands of CB keys and will sell them to the customers.

Age of Wulin

What's more, there are 2 different versions of CB keys: normal version (about $23 USD) and limited edition (about $38 USD). The normal version includes a beta key and a $15 USD worth of cash shop card while the limited edition includes a beta key, a cash shop card, a monthly access card that for unknown use, and many souvenirs like T-shirt and iPhone 4 cover. The response in the community is different: some are blaming Snail Game's greed while some are happy that they can finally secure a slot without having to rely on luck.

Age of Wulin

However, Snail Game's practice of selling CB keys means that they are selling a closed beta version of Age of Wulin which inevitably has certain numbers of bugs, and it's not a good idea. On the other hand, the developer running a closed beta because they want the community to help to test the game and give feedback, not make money. Besides, there are gamers who question Snail Game's purpose of selling so many beta keys but only open 2 servers for CB.

Age of Wulin

The closed beta date for Age of Wulin(CN) hasn't been finally decided. The game will be shown at this month's ChinaJoy, and we'll bring you more cover of game in the biggest game convention of China.

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