Fatigue System Removed from Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming patch 1.18 is an update that will alter a lot of the original gameplay systems. Among those changes, the removal of the fatigue system is one of the most notable ones.

Fatigue system was in FFXIV when the game was in open beta, and it's the means whereby playing for prolonged periods of time progressively yields less and less skill and experience points, eventually reaching a point where neither can be obtained. Patch 1.18 will see the removal of this system, meaning players will no longer be subjected to a reduction in skill and experience point awards even after long hours of play. In light of this change, accumulated surplus points will also be done away with.

FFXIV fatigue

When SE brought in the fatigue system, they hoped this feature can prevent casual gamers who don't have a lot of time to play the game from being left behind too much, and on the other hand, player can try more classes instead of sticking on leveling a single class. But it's hard to please all, especially in a subscription-based game, FFXIV's fatigue system was kind of controversial thing.

Surely the removal of fatigue system won't be the only change in the revolutionary patch 1.18. The new patch which will be released on July 22 will also includes Guildleve reforms, auto-attack in combat, and enmity adjustment, etc..



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