What do You Think of Playing Xbox360 Games on Windows8 PC?

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The rumor of Xbox 360 games may be able to run on Windows 8 PC has been widely spread. Insideris even claims that they have sources who reveal that Xbox 360 on PC will have a subscription fee (just like Xbox Live). Plus with the previous saying that Windows 8 will pay more attention on gaming, it seems that the next Windows OS will be a nice platform for gamers.

Halo Reach
More Halo games playable on PC in the future?

When it comes to the integration of Xbox 360 and PC, whether PC and Xbox 360 user can compete with each other online become an interesting topic, and there is rumor about this topic, too. Insideris says that since it will use Windows Live Marketplace, PC gamers can't play with console owners(at least at the initial stage). At this point, there are words claiming that Microsoft's attempt to integrate Xbox 360 with PC is actually a means to extend Xbox 360's lifecycle and drain every last drop of it before they release the so-called Xbox 720.

However, the availability of some Xbox 360 games on Windows Phone 7 still makes many people believe that running Xbox 360 games on PC natively isn't really impossible.

Now according to ingame, the latest clue that can back up the rumor is the references to the Xbox 360 in Windows 8 kernel code.

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