Rift: Marriage Proposal Managed to Make with the Help from Trion

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Do you ever imaged that you would meet someone in your favorite MMORPG someday, getting to know each other, falling in love with him/her and then making a marriage proposal? Over the past weekend, all these come true in Trion Worlds's hit MMO Rift. Two players, Hasek and Mischka, got engaged in-game and then completed their mock weddings through the help of one of Trion's GMs who plays the role of a priest.

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The two players are from the Sunset server (PvP-RP). The whole proposal was recorded both in-game and in real life as Hasek asked Mischka to marry him. Many players witnessed the wedding, giving their best wishes to them. It was really so sweet, so warm. There were some Defiants on the wedding spot but they were so kind not to kill them. XD.. Here at MMOsite, congratulations to Hasek and Mischka and wish the new couple have a wonderful new life together! Thanks, MMOCrunch.

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