WoW Expansion: Vengeance of the Void is NOT a Fake!

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Recently, people are heatedly discussing about the leaked WOW document on many WOW-related forums. The first page of the document clearly shows the next WOW expansion is called Vengeance of the Void. Originating from MMOwned forum on July 3rd, the document directly sets forth WOW's next expansion - Vengeance of the Void.

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Though only the first page of the document was leaked at the very start, it did attract much attention from players. Boubouille, the leader of MMO-Champion, a well-known WOW fans site has definitely expressed that the document is obvious fake, because the document's publisher is Activision Blizzard instead of Blizzard and the address isn't even Blizzard's, it's Activision Blizzard's HQ. In Boubouille's opinion, Blizzard won't let such info out 3 months before the BlizzCon. However, MMOwned posted the whole document instantly and made the following announcement, seeming it aimed to fight back against various doubts.

NOTE: According to our source, this document (which is supposedly a first draft) is to be passed out as a lore and story update FAQ with Blizzcon swag to avoid common questions at the Lore Q&A, or to inform people about the commonly-asked questions about the new x-pack ahead of time.

Here are the rest of the pages of the Vengeance of the Void "leak". Keep in mind that these documents have not been confirmed or denied by Blizzard. They could be true, they could have an ounce of truth, or they could be completely false. Take them for what they are, and enjoy the read:

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