[Part 1]Blade & Soul: Beautiful Female Characters from 4 Races

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It is known that numerous MMORPG players are attracted by Blade & Soul's magic charm. What is Blade & Soul's charm? In addition to the innovative systems and powerful actions, there is no doubt that the game's gorgeous visual effects deeply impress players. Particularly, the characters designed by famous Kim Hyen Kae are well acknowledged.

Blade & Soul screenshot

There are 4 races in Blade & Soul, including Kun, Gon, Jin, Lyn. Different races have different abilities and looks. Gon looks strong, while Lyn naive and lovely, and Jin more like human beings. Kun, which only has female characters, seems more mysterious. Now let's have a look at the beauties from different races.

Blade & Soul screenshot

Blade & Soul screenshot



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