Capcom Teases New Online Project Ixion Saga

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Known for Street Fighter and Resident Evil series, Capcom is one of the best video developers today. However, the company doesn't invest too much in the MMO realm and their only MMO Monster Hunter Frontier is just available in a few Asian countries. Now the award-winning company teased their new online project, Ixion Saga(promotion site:, which is likely to be formally announced on July 7.

Ixion Saga

According to andriasang who translated this week's Famitsu, "Ixion Saga is an eight versus eight combat game where players make use of swords, guns and magic for the battle. Players form 'unions' with other players, and create a character with default types Striker, Caster and Blaster. These types respectively have sword, magic and heavy firearms as their weapons. In addition to team on team battle, it appears that the game will also have giant monsters."

According to another Japanese media, 4gamer, the game could include Dragon and ancient machine. What's more, the developer and operation team of Monster Hunter Frontier has join hands with the Ixion Saga developers, so Ixion Saga might feature some Monster Hunter Frontier's elements.

The game is scheduled for summer 2012 release.



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