ArcheAge vs. Blade & Soul in Combat System

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XL Games' ArcheAge and NCsoft's Blade & Soul have their own characteristics. We compared the freedom degree of the two games last time, now let's make a contrast of their combat systems.

Archeage VS Blade & Soul

As a matter of fact, players mainly experience its combat elements while playing a game. Therefore, the quality of combat system has a direct impact on the evaluation of a game.

The Striking Effect in Combat

ArcheAge's combat system is based on the DPS system and adjusts the actual distance and position of the target. Separated actions enable characters to move and attack freely. Common combat systems only provide 2-3 attack modes, but ArcheAge integrates a wide variety of attack modes, which present vivid action effects in combat. That is to say, the combat system based on DPS elements can make combat more stirring and wonderful.


Generally, skill effects will be generated after they are cast, but in Blade & Soul, things are different, a skill won't take effect until it hits a target.There are only a fewkeybindings for skills. For instance, Kung-Fu Masters can click the R key to exert light fists first, and heavy fists several seconds later and thenrotary kicks several seconds later again...

In Blade & Soul, players can accumulate morale to use stronger attack skills.Certainly, those skills have a basic casting time. However, they can be released instantly when enemies are being attacked. At that moment, if characters choose the counterattack skill, they can hold back enemies in the shortest time and take the counterattack stance immediately. In that case, characters can unleash special skills without time limit.

Blade & Soul

MMORPG players spend most of the time hunting and leveling up in dungeons and instances, thus how a combat system works determines the future of a game.



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