WEBZEN Makes a Public Statement about Red 5's Request for Arbitration Regarding Firefall

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In hopes of maintaining an amicable relationship so that WEBZEN can perform its publishing obligations, WEBZEN has refrained from publicly commenting on Red 5 and Red 5 Korea's disparaging conduct. Going forward, WEBZEN will firmly seek all of its remedies under the law.


As the publisher of the game in territories other than North America and Europe, WEBZEN has patiently waited for the completion of the game for five years despite numerous delays in development. The game, for which WEBZEN has invested nearly $25 million, is not yet complete, and we are dismayed that Red 5 has initiated this dispute before we are able to enjoy the results of our investment.

WEBZEN and its employees are strongly committed to the service and development of games, and we have serviced and developed some of the most memorable games in Korean game history, including MU Online and C9. Our passion to grow with the game industry is unwavering, and our dedication to develop and service even better games in the future will continue.

We ask for your understanding that WEBZEN, a leader in the Korean game industry, is forced to report its dispute with another game company in this manner. We are making every effort to swiftly resolve all disputes so that we can continue to service fun and innovative games.



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