Dragon Nest New Profession Academic Skills Preview

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The developer of Dragon Nest has confirmed the fifth profession Academic before but they haven't revealed any detail about it, except for the character concept that has been unveiled in China. Today, the developer finally lifts the curtain on this mysterious character. Academic will be released this summer in Korea.

Dragon Nest Academic

Academic comes from the future and she receives quest in a way that is different to other characters. According to the developer, she uses a special communication tool to get new quests. Academic is an initial class, so she can advance to engineer class who can master modern weapons such as cannon, and has the ability to summon creature.

Below are some skills of Academic.

마인 쓰로워 - Academic firing the her cannon, but will fall backward due to the recoil.

Dragon Nest Academic

메카 붐 - a kind of robotic time bomb.

Dragon Nest Academic

메카 싸이렌, 스카이라인 스킬 - seems that Academic can fire a bomb that can cause huge explosion.

Dragon Nest Academic



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