Guild Wars 2 - Going into Underwater World and Dungeons

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ArenaNets has shared with us lots of nitty gritty details about Guild Wars 2's gameplay on the ground, and in the open world. But the world of Tyria is wider and deeper than you can imagine. Now ArenaNets invites you to the vast underwater world and the dangerous dungeons!

Guild Wars 2

Breathe and drown underwater

Since the developers want you to focus on the fascinating underwater contents, they don't want a breathing bar or sort of breathing system to bother your gameplay. You don't have to worry about breathing, you just breathe down there because you'll automatically wear a breathing apparatus when diving into the water. But that doesn't mean there's no drowning in the game. When your heath reduces to zero, you enter the drowning state, similar to the downed state on the ground. So you have three ways to recover under drowning state:

  • You kill an opponent, which will cause you to rally.
  • An ally can revive you, just as they can above water.
  • You reach the surface of the water, where you will stop drowning and regain health. When your health bar fills all the way you'll be revived.

Guild Wars 2

Underwater world isn't simply a place with a lot of water

It will be a waste if you just see the underwater world as a place where you come for killing some mobs, or doing several quests. ArenaNet hopes underwater become a place you really enjoy to come and explore, thus, they are designing the underwater parts for a wide variety of dynamic events, dungeons, and your personal story. Even free exploration under the sea will be very special experience, for there are spectacular sights, diverse challenges, underwater races and powerful enemies.

Guild Wars 2

So, how's the combat underwater?

There are x-axis and y-axis on the ground, but you get z-axis when going under the sea. In such kind of 3D space, you will be able to pour your arrows to the enemies from above. You can use skills to force enemies up to the surface, or drag them down to the ocean floor. It becomes more complicated, but more interesting when fighting underwater.

Guild Wars 2

Oh, there are cool underwater weapons that may keep you from leaving the water, including close-quarters melee weapons like Spear, long-range magical weapon like Trident, and long-range mechanical weapon like Harpoon gun. Whatever profession you are, you can find a weapon that suitable for you. Another big deal for underwater combat is the skill. Your land-based abilities and skills will automatically change to equivalent underwater skills, though not all of them. Surely new skills will bring you new gameplay experience.

More about underwater world at the official blog



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