Which Is Better, ArcheAge or Blade & Soul?

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It should be said that Korea-based NCsoft's Blade & Soul and XL Games' ArcheAge are the two MMORPGs most worth paying attention to in 2011. Both games drew much attention from players once unveiled.

bns vs archeage

So far, Blade & Soul has conducted its first CBT, and ArcheAge has put an end to its third CBT. Though the two games' test schedules are different, they may perform OBTs at the same time. After entering the OBT stage officially, the two will be compared and analyzed by players naturally.

Game Content & Freedom

Blade & Soul

After playing Blade & Soul for a certain time, players are inclined to feel as if they were reading a novel or they were the hero/heroine in the game. The content and the gaming fun provided by Blade & Soul can be said to be sufficient indeed, but there still seems a lack of something during gameplay. Actually, players may spend most time hunting or doing quests indoors or in dungeons/caves. We can say that Blade & Soul breaks free from the concept of freedom totally.

Blade & Soul

Suppose you achieve happiness on your first adventurous journey in Blade & Soul, your second journey may be a little boring inevitably. The reason is that even though you choose different classes, you'll be faced with the same game content.

In general, the shortcomings of Blade & Soul lie in its lack of freedom, as well as the fact that players will get lost after hitting the level cap. That's really worrying and confusing.

Blade & Soul


ArcheAge's quest settings and overall effects are comparatively inferior to those of Blade & Soul, and things like the basic quest descriptions and playing mode in ArcheAge are somewhat outdated. Moreover, to complete certain quests like hunting to advance and catching monsters, players even have to wait. Suppose Blade & Soul is a finished railroad, ArcheAge can be said as a curving mountain road. The railroad is endowed with specified lines, while the mountain road involves more challenges and adventures.


That is to say, ArcheAge offers too high freedom. Players are able to level up by completing quests, but this is just a small part of the gameplay content since the game doesn't set particular goals for quests. In ArcheAge, players are required to set corresponding goals on their own and reach the goals reasonably. For example, the house & ship building content that players experienced in the third CBT was just for the sake of specific goals.

The content that ArcheAge offers all corresponds to specific goals. For instance, to build castles, players need to earn large sums of money; and to earn money, they need to build houses first, and then build ships to adventure around the sea and get some loot. Such a setting is likely to let players feel lonely and bored, but completing quests together with others may save players much time and energy. In other words, ArcheAge only presents a small amount of content, but different choices and decisions made by players will possibly bring different feels.




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