SWTOR to Be Playable during Comic-Con in San Diego

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As known, Star Wars: The Old Republic may not have open beta, but it is to enter high-scale beta phase at the end of June. Many players are worried about that they can't try it before release. So, it is absolutely good news that BioWare is probably to offer the public the opportunity to play SWTOR on 21-24 July during Comic-Con in San Diego.

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The good news was announced on the official forums by David Bass, the senior community coordinator. Check it out in the whole post.

I know a bunch of people are waiting for details about our Comic-Con plans so that they can look into buying air/hotel to come visit us. While I can't reveal everything just yet, I'm hoping to provide enough information right now to help you make a decision about coming down to visit.

Yesterday, BioWare made an announcement that we have a space at the Hilton Gaslamp hotel across the street from Comic-Con where fans can get their hands on Mass Effect 3 and the newest Dragon Age II DLC. Well, surprisingly enough, The Old Republic is planning on being there as well! Anyone (yes, even you!) can come to the Hilton and wait in line to play any of the BioWare games.

Those of you who have Comic-Con badges, never fear. We will definitely have the game playable on the show floor too, but as we've always said, our goal is to get as many people playing as possible at these events, and we figured the best way to do that was to extend the experience outside of Comic-Con.

Of course, we have no way of guaranteeing that you'll get to play if you come down to San Diego. We still expect long lines both inside and outside the show, so understand that even if you decide to come down, we can never promise you'll get hands-on. But we'll do our very best to make sure you have an enjoyable experience no matter what.

So, that's all the info I can provide for now. Things are getting nailed down very quickly internally, so hopefully we'll have another update for you soon. In the meantime, if that's enough information to convince you, go buy flights and hotels and we'll see you in San Diego!

Source: SWTOR official forums



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